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September 11, 2021


On the 10thof August 2021, all of Arts Illustrated’s social media pages announced a grand celebration of World Photography Day with a Photo Story Contest. Contestants from all over India poured in and all they had to do was email us their most sensational photograph which depicts a story. The enthusiastic response from all the participants joyously overwhelmed us. 

Stunning images displaying stories of love, freedom, drama, passion, life and so much more amazed us and yet, we knew that the bliss of looking through such timeless photographs would have to come to a spectacular end, paving the path for the winner of the World Photography Day’s Photo Story Contest – 2021. 

Congratulations to the photographer, Subhankar Chakraborty – Winner of Arts Illustrated’s Photo Story Contest of 2021!

Subhankar Chakraborty comes from a small village called Chatadangal in Jharkand with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in Painting and a Masters of the same. He is a Visual Art practitioner who reflects his surrounding landscapes. ‘Standing under the vast sky, I’ve experienced the different scenarios of landscapes and how the surroundings transform every day.’ He states.

He also polishes his photographic skills on the side as it helps him capture interesting compositions and document different views and spots useful for his work.


The Winning Photograph!

In the midst of thousand waves 

In the midst of thousand waves‘This is the time for a new beginning; to get into a new set of movements. Before chasing the horizon, comes the time to prepare. 

Some of his brothers have already left the land, drafting their way by putting up their sails. The sky is also preparing itself to brighten up for the journey of a new day. 

For the sake of survival, all are preparing for a habituated and continuous activity, without the thought that there is no hope of coming back; delivering the sense that life goes on…’

Statement – Like every art form Photography also contains creativity. It is not only a mechanical process but also needs a good visual sense which helps a photographer discover new spaces, shapes, distortion, dynamic ranges, colours, motions and vibrancy, and sometimes, a combination of all. The only limit is your imagination and the reflection of the world which you see with your own two eyes but comes from your soul.


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