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Arts Illustrated is an Indian based arts and design magazine dedicated to understanding the contemporary arts landscape and creating a more inclusive ecosystem for the arts in the country. It delves deeply into the visual arts and design narrative, offering a global and contemporary perspective to subjects, information and ideas that we believe, need to be heard by a larger audience. Our endeavour is to create an exciting read that reflects our ethos to inspire, evoke and enrich our readers. Our visually laid out chronicle of the creative landscape is published bi-monthly (once in two months) and is available across 12 key cities in India.

My vision is to create stimulating possibilities in every domain of business. My mission is to believe these possibilities already exist and are simply waiting to be discovered'.

In Vincent Adaikalraj's world, possibility is a state of being. An entrepreneur with a difference, Adaikalraj's interests are wide-ranging and dominant as they are particular and subtle. His interest in the realm of contemporary art, for instance, is just one example of his multi-faceted personality and his relentless passion for uncompromising quality. With the establishment of Art Houz Gallery in Chennai, Adaikalraj was not merely running a space for art and all things related to art, but was making a statement - that which spoke of redefining existing norms and creating, well, possibilities. The gallery's resounding success in Chennai was thanks to its predecesor in Coimbatore, eventually leading to another successful gallery in Bengaluru. Under the LA 5 Global Publications banner, Adaikalraj also publishes one of the country's best arts and design magazine, Arts Illustrated, and runs Corel Academy, the first-of-its-kind digital art studio, giving budding artists an unparalleled platform for global recognition.

Adaikalraj is also the owner of Jenney's Residency in Trichy and Coimbatore, the hugely popular Black Thunder amusement park and the newly launched family entertainment zone in Ooty, Thunder World, apart from handling businesses in the sphere of education and beverages.

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Vincent Adaikalraj