Volume 8, Issue 3

Theme: Other Side

Cover Art: Subramanian Gopalsamy

Price: 100.00



In many ways, with this issue, we have made it to the ‘other side’. Yes, that is the theme, and off late, it has seeped into almost every aspect of Arts Illustrated. With this issue, not only are we proud to announce new digital prices, but thanks to the seemingly never-ending onslaught of the pandemic, we have whole-heartedly embraced the digital sphere.

So, this issue carries in its pages, a promise – a promise of more, of revealing that which is still unknown, or simply, the quiet truth. The first step is always the most difficult, but the lure of the ‘other side’ is strong. It drives us forward, urges us to take that leap of faith; and if we are lucky, find those greener pastures.

And with this issue, we do just that – shed the cloak of the visible, the known and the familiar and take that ‘ride to the other side’. Here, we look at artist(e)s meeting the unknown and bravely venturing into newer, bolder perspectives, yes; but also, at path-breakers who revel in those unexpected stories that quietly bring about change – stories that are so unimaginably different from our own that they get segmented into the B-side of everyday hustle; stories that unbeknown to us remain an indelible part of our realities.

So, when we approached artist Subramanian Gopalsamy to design our cover for this issue and told him the theme was, ‘Other Side’, his first response was ‘Oh! That’s always there. And we have to be open to it’. And that sums up not just Subra’s dialogue with our theme but each and every story that makes up this issue. And if the stories give different meanings to the journeys we take to the other side, then Subra’s cover for the issue, a bronze sculpture of Krishna in his trademark style, presents the ‘Other Side’ of many things – of history, of mythology, of tradition, of art, its practice and the many perceptions that make up the whole.

In summary: there we are, on the ‘other side’. Won’t you join us? Buy your e-copy here.