Volume 8, Issue 4

Theme: Clean

Cover Art: Jagannath Panda

Price: 100.00



Clean slate, clean lines, clean cuts, clean sweep, clean hands, clean minds – clean. Yes, you say it often enough and the word starts to lose all meaning. But when we, at AI, say it with an entire issue on ‘clean’, you know you are in for a treat!

This issue ‘picks clean’ the many different meanings of the loaded word and its consequences. Unravels the choices, the powers, the privileges that define those meanings and the many voices that question it and subvert it. And everyone we met through this issue, took us a step further. They all called out different issues that mean different things to different people. But in spite of all the differences, they spoke of a profound sense of togetherness. They gave us the courage to lend a hand to the next person, yes, but also to also lean on them when needed. And just like 2020, they stood in testimony to the very nature of human resilience.

And that started with the cover art by acclaimed artist Jagannath Panda. His work, titled ‘Summer Happenings – III’, renders a scathing commentary on the very times we are now living through; with two wildly different yet highly relatable imagery. Placing the very real issue of privilege, exile and forced migration within the fantastical spectrum of royal welcomes and stories of homecomings, he puts forth a powerful sense of duality and inclusivity that forces us to reckon with truths that many of us, within our own cloaks of propriety, would rather not face.

If you too are curious as to how ‘clean’ the world around us really is, then buy your e-copy here.