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October 5, 2020

Ferrofluid Clock
Matt Robison | MTR Designs

In 1963, NASA scientist Steve Papell first invented Ferrofluid – a magnetic liquid that could fuel rocket engines at zero gravity. Ferrofluid Clock, developed by MTR Designs – an Alabama-based Ferrofluid art studio – took this unique liquid and used it to turn a standard analogue clock into a fun and interactive piece that literally toys with the hands of time. The hour and minute hands here are made of the magnetic liquid that is held in place by magnetic arms hidden behind the face. Contained in a clear liquid panel, the fluid seamlessly moves into place once switched on and activates its positions. The arms can even interact with an external handheld magnet, which is included with the product, allowing you the option of moving time at your own pace! Interpreting various aspects of space and time and blending them together with art, the Ferrofluid Clock is a nod to interstellar travel, sci-fi and the future to come.


Conductive Origami
Yael Akirav

The fluidity of fabric and the sophistication of origami come together in Conductive Origami – a series of innovative lighting fixtures designed by Israeli industrial designer Yael Akirav. Taking a slight turn from the age-old Japanese process of paper folding, Akirav uses textile to create lighting fixtures that are both exquisite and stable. With delicate structures that show off the elegant folds, tucks and the meticulous processes that shape them, the illuminated works use filaments that are 3D printed on to textiles to conduct electricity. With pliable surfaces that can be collapsed or expanded at will, the fixtures can be displayed either open and lit or folded into a closed position that stretch the conductive filaments and allows users to customise the quality of light. A slow pull does the trick!

Photographs by Ofek Avshalom.


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