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October 13, 2020

ORA 2020: Setting the Emerging Trends

The recently completed ORA 2020 – India’s biggest online art contest, exemplified the range and scope of the art scene in India. And we are here to give you just a quick run through of some of the winning pieces of art. But first, let’s see the ‘emerging’ winners!

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With any skill and talent, it is necessary to be a part of platforms that recognise it and connect people from similar backgrounds. In the world of art, while painters and creators seek patrons and buyers of their work, there is a constant requirement for something newer and fresher. Mojarto has been one of the leading creators of a digital platform for artists and buyers to come together. But all the while, it has also been supporting young and upcoming artists through many different ventures. And earlier this February, they one-upped themselves with ORA 2020, India’s biggest online art contest that in short was a celebration of artistic vision and raw talent.

ORA 2020: Setting the Emerging Trends

ORA 2020 sought to recognise and appreciate talent within Indian contemporary art and encourage the larger art community. On September 25, adjusting to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Mojarto presented the first-ever ORA Award ceremony – live streamed over social media – wherein they celebrated the best of the best and the winners received cash prizes worth Rs. 10 lakh!

ORA 2020: Setting the Emerging Trends

This year’s esteemed jury panel included Arpana Caur, Brinda Miller, Latika Katt, Mitchell S. Crites, Rm. Palaniappan, and Priya Pall – all bringing their own experiences as leading artists, curators and gallerists to the table. From among 1000 entries, they shortlisted 10 finalists in each of the contest’s categories – Emerging and Professional. While the works of all the finalists are currently on display at the Art Houz Gallery in Chennai and will be exhibited with the other partner galleries – Kolkata Centre for Creativity and Kalakriti Art Gallery in Hyderabad, over the next year; we give you just a quick run through of some of the winning pieces of art; first from the emerging category.

ORA 2020: Setting the Emerging Trends

After careful deliberation, the top positions in the emerging category were won by Laitonjam Rajnikanta Singh in the third position, Nirakar Chowdhury in the second and Ashish Maurya in the first position. To say that their works exemplified the range and scope of the art scene in India would be a gross understatement, but the diversity of thought and ideas presented at the contest sure hinted at it. If Laitonjam was inspired by Frieda Kahlo and her perseverance to achieve her dreams, Nirakar hinted that his work was inspired by his time in Delhi and the human life and labour he witnessed there. Hailing from Mirzapur, Ashish Maurya took home the cash prize of Rs. 1.5 lakh with a mixed media work that showcased the lower- and middle-class life, and sought to highlight the social issues that surround it all.







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