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August 26, 2020

OnArt Fair: The Times they are Changing

Keeping with the need of the hour, Mojarto’s OnArt Fair – India’s first virtual art fair – is all set to take the world by storm

Vani Sriranganayaki

1983 might have been the year the Internet came into existence, but the year it matured, the year we found out its full potential and embraced it wholeheartedly would definitely have to be 2020. I mean, yes, it was there all the whole time in between, and yes, for the most part, in our privileged cities, we did take it for granted – but 2020 suddenly brought it smack-dab in the middle of our consciousness. So much so, that now, every single human experience is tied to it, connected through it and ultimately enhanced by it. And when art meets this now almost tangible thing that is the ‘Internet’, the narrative goes beyond the connecting natures of both art and the Internet and speaks of something closer to healing – something the world in 2020 is in dire need of.

Admittedly, here in India, we probably were a little late to join the bandwagon – but if Mojarto’s OnArt Fair is anything to go by, it is proof that, when we do get to it, we get to it good. A unique venture that brings artists, gallerists, collectors and art enthusiasts together, all with the goal to help the art world navigate these uncertain times, OnArt Fair is designed as the platform where art aficionados can interact with art and artists from the comfort of their homes; and buy and sell art without violating any social distancing norms.

OnArt Fair Mojarto

Bringing together the best of both worlds – where the highlights of a physical art fair, i.e. the ability to interact with artists and take in talks, workshops and performances at will, meet the convenience and safety of technology – OnArt Fair sets the perfect stage for the art world looking to counteract the effects of the pandemic. With separate virtual booths for artists, galleries and specially curated collections; and live demonstrations, daily quizzes, workshops and panel discussions added to the mix, OnArt Fair presents itself as not just an online exhibition, but more a virtual community where artists and visitors get to interact with art at a whole new level.

With sponsored booths for organisations like the Asian Heritage Foundation – a not for profit organisation that has been promoting and safeguarding the collective cultural traditions of the continent; and with proceeds from the fair set to aid artists affected by the pandemic, OnArt Fair is poised as the one-of-a-kind venture that aims to uplift the larger art community.

Mojarto is not one that is new to combining the powers of art and technology. Having gathered the astute insight into both worlds very early on, it has been actively engaged in virtual promotion and sale of art and artworks for years now. Now, with OnArt Fair, together with Floor and 10Times, they are simply setting the precedent for the ‘new normal’.


OnArt Fair is set to ‘open its doors’ on the 28th of August; and till the 30th is presenting a range of workshops, seminars and live performances. So, check out the programme in detail and register now!


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