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March 25, 2020


Daniel Lakos | Planbureau Studio


Daniel Lakos of Planbureau Studio has come up with a way to transform the topography of the Alps, the Grand Canyon or Budapest into an elegantly designed, concrete puzzle for you to own and configure.

Logiplaces is a 16- or 32-piece puzzle that is designed as a means to take home a piece of memory you made at any place in the world – a one-of-a-kind tabletop sculpture that lets you see the place of your choice through a whole new perspective. It is devised as a puzzle that urges one to solve a 3D urban topography or natural terrain, complete with tactile and tensile stimulations, in an experience that completely contrasts the efforts of solving 2D puzzles. With a visual character that is put together by concrete cast pieces that are 3D printed blocks (all thanks to the highly capable 3D printer that the Logiplaces team won at the What-to-print-in-3D competition), Logiplaces examines the relationship between the pictorial representation and their physically formulated shapes. While there are only three destinations at the moment, Lakos hopes to add on more.


Images Courtesy of Balázs DANYI.


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